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YIEIP 20th Anniversary Banquet -- May 20, 2014
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Welcome to Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac
11618 Seven Locks Road Potomac, MD 20854

Shiurim and Classes

Shul and Community Torah Classes (Consult the Weekly Announcements to confirm that a class is scheduled to occur in a given week)


¨    Rabbi Yosef Singer

-  Gemorah Masechet Shabbat - after Shacharit, Sun. morning (Men)

-  Mesilas Yesharim - Shabbat 8:35 am

-  Nefesh Hachaim - Shabbat, half hour before Mincha

-  Women’s Shiur: “Ascending Jacob’s Ladder” – Shabbat, see Weekly Announcements for time

¨    Greater Washington Community Kollel

-   Bet Medrash Program with Rabbi Menachem Winter, Rosh Kollel, and the Kollel Rebbeim: various simultaneous classes – Sun 8:15-9:15 pm (Men)

-   Women’s Parsha Class – on hiatus

¨    Torah Mitzion Kollel

-   Bet Medrash Learning – Tuesdays after evening minyan  (Men)

¨    Other Weekly Classes

-   Rebbetzin Sara Bluming – Weekly Roundtable, Tue. 10:00 am and Wed. 1:00 pm at Chabad (Women)


Approximately 75 member families committed to Torah and Torah values.

Rabbi Yosef Singer has been the inspirational spiritual leader of our shul for over fifteen years.

Warm and welcoming environment with festive kiddushes (often with cholent) each Shabbos.
Respectful and focused daily minyanim.

Beautiful facility with plush, new comfortable chairs.

Weekly classes, in a variety of topics, that cater to membership’s needs, covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
Extensive collection of seforim and media in our Beis Medrash.

Active and caring Chesed Committee.
Children’s programs on Shabbos and during the Chagim that start at the beginning of tefilot.

Convenient location with access to work along I-270, Northern VA and DC.

Centrally located with access to kosher food and shopping, YIEIP is an active part of theoverall Potomac community consisting of hundreds of Jewish families.

A large eruv and local mikvah (both maintained and fully operational).

Davening Times

Daily Shacharit
Sunday:  8:00 am
Mon and Thurs:  6:20 am
Tues, Wed and Fri:  6:30 am

Daily Mincha/Maariv
(see Weekly Announcements)
Spring/Summer/Fall:  30 mins. before sundown
Winter (Sun):  30 mins. before sundown
Daily Maariv
Winter (Mon-Thurs):  8:45 pm

Mincha:  Candle lighting time or 6:45pm in summer months
Shacharit:  8:45 am
Mincha:  15 mins. before candles
Maariv:  1 hour after candles
Havdalah:  72 minutes after dark

For specific davening times please check the weekly announcements